An Ayurvedic approach to asana practice, the healing and therapeutic aspects of yoga plus self-healing and self-realisation. Special dosha diets for yoga practitioners plus pranayama and meditation

Ayurveda views asanas as vehicles for energy that can be used to balance the doshas. In a similar way Ayurveda uses food items that have a specific effect to increase or decrease the doshas.

To be effective asana practice must consider the dosha of the person and through combining specific asanas, pranayama and meditation a complete internal balance can be created and sustained.

  • Personalised yoga practice
  • Yoga for self-healing
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Group yoga classes

Here is an audio example of a Yoga Nidra experience with Meredith Russell at Heart Of Ayurveda

Yoga Nidra – Taking Care Of Your Body

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